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Delima.]                             FLORA INDICA.                                     61
vel poris 2 apicalibus dehiscentes. Ovaria discreta vel in axi mediante
columna central! cohserentia, unilocularia (rarius solitaria) intus vel
basi ovulifera. Styli discreti, terminates. Carpella dehiseentia follicu-
laria, vel subbaccata indehiscentia. Semina 1 vel plura, arillata, testa
Crustacea granulata vel cancellata, rhaphi brevi, amphitropa. J&nbryo
ininutus, hilo proximus. Albumen carnosum.—Arbores, frutices, vel
herbae, interctum tcandentes, Folia alterna^ decldua vel perwtentia.
Petioli bad dilatati vel stipulis adnatis cito deciduis muniti.
This Order, which is usually placed '-next to Jbmunculacete, is undoubtedly very
nearly allied to that Order, as well as to jHagnoUacea, but has also a marked rela-
tionship to some Orders which are generally placed at a considerable distance, being
connected both with Tem&tromiaceaB and JSricacea by means of Saurauja, which,
though referred by most botanists to the former of these Orders, is by Lindley and
Flauchon considered an undoubted member of the present family. We shall have an
oppo'rtunity of entering fully into the question of these curious affinities when we
describe the genus Saurauja, which, on account of its syncarpous fruit, we propose
to place in or near Ternstromacets.
The species of Dilleniacea> are either tropical or Australian. The latter country
probably contains the largest part of the Order, in the shape of small herbaceous
plants or under-shrubs, sometimes climbing. No species are found beyond the tropics
in America, but in the east-em hemisphere a few stragglers extend as far as the fc|Łe
of the Himalaya, and into southern China.
Stamina superne dilatata, antheris remotis obliqoia divaricatis.
1. DELIMA, L., BO.
Trachytella, DC. Syst. i. 410, Prod. i. 70. Leontoglossum, Hance in Walp. Ann.
ii. 18. iii. 812.
Mores hermapkroditi. Sepala 5. Petala 4-5. Stamina indefinita.
Ovarium solitarium, depresso-subglobosum, in stylum subulatum at-
tenuatum; ovula 2-3 e basi adscendentia. Folliculus ovalis, angalo
interiori dehiscens. Semen solitarium, arillo cupulifonni denticulato
cinctum.—I?rutex scandens sarmento8u*-> foliis asjperrimis, floribus m
paniculas terminates disposilis alb is.
Tropical climbing shrubs, all but one American.
1. D. aarmentoaa (L. Sp. 736).—3urm. Fl. Ind. 122. t. 37./. 1;
DC. Prod. L 69; WalL Cat. 6632! Bot. Mag. 3058 1 Hook, et Am.
Bot. Beech.; Bentb. Kew Journ. Bot. iii. 256. D. intermedia, Blume
Bijd. 4; Hassk. PL Jav. Ear. 176, Actaea aspera, Lour. M. Coch. ed.
WilU. L 405. Tetracera sarmentosa, WWd.; Roxb. M. Ind. ii. 64.5.
Trachytella Actsea, DC. Prod. i. 70. Leontoglossum scabrum, Hance,
o. glabra ; fiructu glabro.
/5. hebecarpa; fructu piloso.—D. bebecarpa, DC. Syst. i. 407,
Prod. i. 70; Deless. Ic. Sel L 72; WM. Cat. 6633!